Go Rhino Charge! Go Top Gear! Go Green!


Let’s bring top gear to Kenya!

– Picture by Susan Wong.

Do you like top Gear? Are you a fan? Well Kenyan fans have come together and created a petition page that allows you to add your voice to petition Top Gear to come to Kenya for the widely acclaimed Rhino charge.


Rhino Charge is an annual event done out in the bush,  it’s an off-road sporting event featuring 4 by 4’s, sturdy rebuilt cars and organized by The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, it raises funds for the conservation of Kenya’s Aberdare Ecosystem.


This year the Rhino Charge ‘event’ will be held on the 1st of June 2012. However on the 1st of April 2012 there will also be another Rhino charge event in Swara Plains Conservancy, Lukenya.


The idea behind Rhino charge is to support the conservation of Eco Systems, and they are! Rhino ark trust announced its support for several ecosystems beginning with Mau, Mt. Eburu and Mt. Kenya.


For those of you who don’t know what it is, Top Gear is an insanely funny TV show on cars, Produced by the BBC, Top Gear tried to test cars to their limits proving or disproving critic’s consumers and manufacturers. It also addresses consumers concerns about cars explores accessories and breaks all sorts of boundaries. That is clearly evident when you watch it.


Top Gear’s reach is broad more than merely informative; it’s funny, thrilling, smart, and just plain entertaining enough to appeal to viewers of all persuasions. That’s due to a variety of factors. The three hosts (or “presenters,” as the Brits call them), James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson, are knowledgeable and witty and these guys get down and dirty… whether its driving through a tornado or in the Kalahari… these guys do it!


So if you haven’t watched top gear then go get season 15 and gear up for a funny informative show on your favorite things; cars and speed… then, after, come and sign the petition here!

Watch an episode of Top Gear Here!

Or you could email them directly top.gear@bbc.co.uk

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3 Cars I would leave you for

3 cars I would leave you for!

1.       Bugatti Veyron Super Sports $2,400,000.

The Base Bugatti Veyron begins at $1,700,000, but that’s not even why I love this car! This car goes from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds! SECONDS!! It reaches a top speed of 267 mph and has is the fastest street legal car out today! Everything about this car is sexy… from its build and power to its speed and ummph! Here is a picture just so you don’t feel all left out.

Powered by an 8-liter W16 quad turbocharged engine that is capable of putting out more then 1000-hp… Making it a pure sex machine!!

Do you understand why I would leave you for it now or do you need more convincing?

Check out the silver one! I rest my case…


2.       Lamborghini Reventon $1,600,000.

This is not only the most expensive Lambo ever built but it’s the most powerful ever created! And you know coming from Lamborghini ‘most powerful’ means something entirely different. This car is out of this world!  It takes 3.3 seconds to reach 60 mph and it has a top speed of 211 mph. It’s a limited edition car making it, of course, more expensive. Here is another picture for your viewing pleasure…

What I like most about this car is its lighting system. The front of the car is accessorized with the newest light-emitting diodes and Bi-Xenon headlights. In back of the car, 7 LED lights are placed and 10 diodes that serves as hazard lights and indicator. This light system accessories ensures uninterrupted daylights and long continuous time of usage.

Another thing that is cool about this car is its interior it has the G-Force meter, which amazingly displays the cars acceleration, dynamic drive force, and breaking, in a 3-dimensional viewing, just like in aeronautics.

I could go on and on about this car but sadly the Lambo guys only made 20 which means the chances of me ever getting to see one let alone own one are VERY limited. Kind of like the car… See why I would leave you for it?

3.       Maserati Birdcage (concept car)

Go check it out first…

It’s just too sexy! It’s a pity it’s a concept car, can you imagine what it would be like if cars looked like this? It would bring a whole new meaning to Butterfly doors! This car’s body was designed by Pininfarina to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary…

The exterior is made of carbon fiber it has diffusers at the back and two spoilers which, of course, raise at speed. The windshield is made of Perspex and extends almost from the front to the back of the car; this is a necessity because of the driver’s low seated position.

This car was built in partnership with Motorola so it even has a built in Bluetooth system that syncs your phone to your car.

Now I’m just a simple girl, but these cars are extraordinary and just as expensive or unattainable. So if I could get one… I would leave you! However the chance of getting one of these cars is slim to none… The Bugatti is a limited edition as is the Lambo and the Maserati is a concept car… sighs. Too bad for me I guess!


Anisa Njeri Ndisi

First published @http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/motors/car-talk/3-cars-i-would-leave-you-for/

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The ‘Love’ Roller-coaster!

Funny how it always goes huh?

It starts out great right, you meet this wonderful exciting person who has all the qualities you want in a person… your sense of adventure is piqued… you’re curious about them you want to know everything you can about them. You go out on dates or stay home and every minute spent with them is magical! A deep abyss of emotions begin to well up inside you… you are excited at the idea of new prospects. All of a sudden everything seems easier, better, your days are sunnier, and that person has somehow managed to make everything bearable… Now you have something to look forward to. You involve yourself completely immersing yourself in new activities that have the word US in them and not the boring Me.

Then begins phase two, now you’re making plans together. The cracks have already started to show but you’re still in denial, still busy making excuses for him. Your still wary haven’t given yourself to your other half completely, but you are halfway there… now you’re looking out for signs, playing the he loves me, he loves me not game wondering where it’s going. What the ultimate goal is. The problem with this stage is you’re already halfway there so you’re already caught. Already stuck. You just don’t know it yet.

Phase three. You are still in the honeymoon period but now you are beginning to want more. Beginning to ask the BIG questions. What about marriage? What about kids? What about investing? What about our life together?

This is where most relationships crack.

The pressure, from the questions combined with the issues stemming from the excuses you were busy making for him which you now don’t and the everyday pressures of just being in a relationship, builds… Now it’s do or die. Its either he commits or… Or what though? This is the problem with most relationships. The ultimatums. The contradictions. The pressure.

We need to take time for ourselves before we get into relationships, time to get to know ourselves, what we like… what we don’t like… To get in tune with ourselves. Not to take time is to do a great disservice to both ourselves and those we get involved with. It’s important to be able to prioritise and put yourself first because that way you are selfish enough to take time for yourself and give him time to himself too. Forever is a long time and relationships are a lot like flowers; if you overwater them they die.

Most relationships end because one partner feels suffocated, and doesn’t know how to communicate that probably because you are so overbearing and they don’t want to get into IT with you, you need to remember to put yourself aside and try and put yourself into your partners shoes. Do you understand their stance? Does it have merit? And you need to learn how to apologise for your wrongs. It’s also very important to remember that the ultimate goal is to be happy together and that takes compromise. Sometimes you have to let go of the small things, don’t hold on to the little fights it’s not worth it! Squabbling over EVERY LITTLE THING is tiresome and not healthy… You need to stay happy and healthy and when in a relationship, emotional health plays a huge role in this.

Above all, you need to be patient and you need to remember what your stance was going in. If you had always wanted to eventually get married and had discussed this with your partner then that’s fine keep pursuing your goal but if you hadn’t and now you’re friends think that it’s a good idea for you to get married and so you are pressuring your partner, then you need to take a step back and reevaluate your stance. Don’t just jump him and start asking why he doesn’t want to marry you, that’s not fair to him!

Take your time to love yourself, indulge yourself, and enjoy yourself. It makes you a better partner and a stronger person. Be good to the person you’re with, take it easy and don’t let your baggage get in the way remember everyone is different and your previous partners faults should not be transferred onto the one your with after all the least you would expect is to be treated like you’re the only one that ever mattered so why shouldn’t you do the same? Remember the least you could do in this life is leave good memories in your wake so don’t go getting all mad when you break up and slashing his tires! What you fail to realize is that will haunt you not him. Be amicable it will probably end up hurting him more… or not… but your conscience will be clear and that is more important in the long run.

Have fun! Try to make every day more interesting than the last. You know how they say a brick could fall on your head and you could die? Well a brick could also fall on your relationship… So make every day count won’t you?

Anisa Njeri Ndisi

First Published @http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/lifestyle/2012/02/07/the-%E2%80%98love%E2%80%99-roller-coaster/

Back in Africa

I havent blogged for two months… im starting to think that if i dont write i might just forget how to spell! Anyway lets see… my last blog was on my first leg of the journey back to Kenya so im just going to summarise from that point…

I had issues with Emirates because of the long layover but they were very nice about it… they got me a hotel in Dubz and they also got me a visa so in the end it worked out for me… I got back to Nairobi just fine which was good… it took forever though. On the drive back from the airport i remember thinking how dusty Nairobi was, there was alot of traffic on Mombasa rd and i dont remember Nairobi being that small kinda reminded me of shags in stato then we got a puncture hehe which was hilarious.

The next few weeks were very frustrating, America had spoilt me. I couldnt find hot spots for one and even when i did the speeds were really slow. I tried looking for shortcuts for Internet and ended up spending more money than i would have if i hadnt. Electricity kept getting cut off and so the cold showers were really annoying. I started looking for a job but there seemed to be an invisible barrier that prevented me from getting one so i got really irritated by this.i got some mamas to wash my clothes and they stretched all of them out. I lent a few friends money and they took forever to pay me back some of them actually havent paid me back yet. i got derailed a few times went to the bar and then had totally unproductive days. People never showed up on time…all in all it was TIA… THIS IS AFRICA. Apart from all of this i was still trying to get settled so i was trying to talk to people and see where i could fit in. Kenya has changed… there seems to be more opportunity now as opposed to when i left but the things is people talk alot and dont deliver… so you end up going for meetings and thinking that you have achieved or learnt while in actuality you just wasted alot of time..

Either way even with all these little frustrations im glad to be home… I have peace of mind at least… Im still looking for a job and I will blog intricately about this later…

self help books

So my mum is reading the secret apparently its a great book and it will change my life. It basically tells you what the ‘secret’ to life is and it gives you pointers on how positivitely will influence your day to day life and make an impact on your future. Then a friend of mine is reading ‘A new earth’ this book apparently explains why people are the way they are, and it helps you understand yourself in order to change, she is also reading or rather she has also read ‘why men love bitches, from doormat to dream girl’this book is actually quite interesting, it gives you insight into how men think and it helps you learn how to act in order to keep a man.

Here is my two cents on self help books, i think that if you are going to read a self help book you need to realize that its not set in stone, i mean the concepts might be great and all but you shouldn’t close your mind off to everything else… Take a little from it and move on but don’t try one self help book decide it doesn’t work for you and then jump to the next one and forget all about the last one. I don’t think life has a formula, if it did then there would be one large self help book/encyclopedia and not the thousands that are on Amazon right now. These days self help books are almost like a religion… i mean i called my mum to complain about my immigration issues and she said ‘Njeri dont say negative things, say positive things and positive things will come to you… you should read ‘the secret’ Now maybe its just me but that sounded alot like ‘Njeri you should read your bible… pray to God and everything will come to you’… A few months later the secret was long forgotten and my mother had shifted her focus to a new book, so you will have to excuse me for being wary of self help books but from watching people who read them they couldn’t possibly have all the answers.

I do think that there are some very well written self help books out there like my personal favorite for years has been ’48 rules of power’ by Robert Greene... In this book he gives you 48 rules and he details them and gives you real life instances of where successful entrepreneurs used these rules and made millions… perhaps i like this book because it describes how people rose from rags to riches and perhaps i like it because he talks about the Rockerfellers, Donald Trump and how they rose from nothing… Either way its an involving read. Another book i like, which i think encompasses all the rules of governance out there is ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, I would do this book a disservice if i tried to describe it…get it, read it! That is if you haven’t already..

I like Autobiographies but a friend of mine told me the other day that i have a particular kind of genre that i like reading and i assume everybody else does too… perhaps thats true in fact it probably is so i will give you some of the best books that i have read in this particular genre… ‘Sowing the mustard seed’ by Museveni…hmm thats weird this is the first book i haven’t been able to find on Amazon, i wonder why that is…‘Freedom at midnight’ by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins this is about how India and Pakistan got divided and how they achieved their independence, it sheds a lot of light on how the English influenced their colonies. ‘The long walk to Freedom’ by Nelson Mandela i think everyone has read this book, if you haven’t get it and read it. Thats all i can think of for right now but i will rack my brain trying to think of more books till then Adios!

PJ O’Rourke – “If government were a product, selling it would be illegal.”


Jungfrau is this book i was reading… Its a compilation of short stories for the Caine prize for African writing and its one of the best books i have read in a while. I would suggest that anyone who is inspired by great writing should read it… I love African writing… from the days of ‘Things fall apart’ by Chinua Achebe and the ‘ The river between’ by Ngugi wa Thiongo to things more recent such as ‘Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and ‘The infidel’ by Ayan Hirsi Ali which i have mentioned several times before, African writing inspires me. I remember when i was still in Kenya i liked talking about the intellectual societies in Africa [here is an instance] and i was always emphasizing on how well people spoke and wrote, of course back then i was very naive and i had no idea what i was talking about, but looking back its great works like these that made me think that an intellectual societies had to exist, after all with so many great minds in Africa there had to be some sort of outlet or channel through which they would get to express their ideas.

Now maybe its just me but doesn’t it seem like the best writing or perhaps the most outstanding books come from every where but America? I have always wondered about that… is it perhaps that school systems in third world countries are more rigorous than school systems here? Is it because we read more? Is it because our native languages have more expression so that challenges us to string words together more fluidly? Im sure alot of people will not agree with me, but to me it seems to me like this is true… Look at books like ‘Brother im dying’ by Edwidge Danticat from Cuba or ‘Kiffe Kiffe tomorrow’ by Faiza Guene from France… all these are exemplary examples of contemporary, well written books from elsewhere [not America]…but then again i am biased when you stay here for long enough you start looking for anything that reminds you of Africa…

I am seriously considering writing a book but i have no idea where to start so if you guys have any ideas let me know… Otherwise feel free to show me Examples of good writing from America, i am talking about fiction here of course but along the lines of the books mentioned above…I beg you to challenge me! Of course, if you have any other great reads that you would like to share let me know, Im always a sucker for a good read…

House music in Oakland CA

So this weekend i wanted to do something different, a friend of mine who is incidentally from Zimbabwe stumbled on this house music party… We decided it would probably be interesting to go see and we assumed that it would be chilled….It was not chilled but it was definitely fun…
A night filled with good music and continuous break-dancing…it was different and very interesting… My pictures may leave alot to be desired but they were the best i could do…

San Francisco Part 1

I wanted to go for the Gay parade this weekend and take pictures but i didn’t get to it so im sorry guys… This year’s parade would have been Particularly interesting because they legalized gay marriage in California…However here are some popular images from San Fran…

The courthouse…

This is one of the coldest cities in the world. Im not joking…. In the summer you still have to wear a jacket. But it is one of the most amazing cities i have been to. As i mentioned before i live in Oakland but Oakland is only a stone throw away from San Francisco. To be more precise; its a 15 minute drive. Here are some of the images that i will miss… I love this bridge… This is the bay bridge… It joins the East Bay [oakland and other places] With San francisco…

This is the Golden gate Bridge…

This is San Fran at night… it beautiful…