Go Rhino Charge! Go Top Gear! Go Green!


Let’s bring top gear to Kenya!

– Picture by Susan Wong.

Do you like top Gear? Are you a fan? Well Kenyan fans have come together and created a petition page that allows you to add your voice to petition Top Gear to come to Kenya for the widely acclaimed Rhino charge.


Rhino Charge is an annual event done out in the bush,  it’s an off-road sporting event featuring 4 by 4’s, sturdy rebuilt cars and organized by The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, it raises funds for the conservation of Kenya’s Aberdare Ecosystem.


This year the Rhino Charge ‘event’ will be held on the 1st of June 2012. However on the 1st of April 2012 there will also be another Rhino charge event in Swara Plains Conservancy, Lukenya.


The idea behind Rhino charge is to support the conservation of Eco Systems, and they are! Rhino ark trust announced its support for several ecosystems beginning with Mau, Mt. Eburu and Mt. Kenya.


For those of you who don’t know what it is, Top Gear is an insanely funny TV show on cars, Produced by the BBC, Top Gear tried to test cars to their limits proving or disproving critic’s consumers and manufacturers. It also addresses consumers concerns about cars explores accessories and breaks all sorts of boundaries. That is clearly evident when you watch it.


Top Gear’s reach is broad more than merely informative; it’s funny, thrilling, smart, and just plain entertaining enough to appeal to viewers of all persuasions. That’s due to a variety of factors. The three hosts (or “presenters,” as the Brits call them), James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson, are knowledgeable and witty and these guys get down and dirty… whether its driving through a tornado or in the Kalahari… these guys do it!


So if you haven’t watched top gear then go get season 15 and gear up for a funny informative show on your favorite things; cars and speed… then, after, come and sign the petition here!

Watch an episode of Top Gear Here!

Or you could email them directly top.gear@bbc.co.uk

First published @http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/motors/car-news/go-rhino-charge-go-top-gear/



A tag…? Eight of my favorite shows

Why dont i ever get tagged for interesting stuff instead i get this…

1. Numbers: i like this show because of the concept behind it. to think that anything can be calculated is extremely fascinating to me. Life is not supposed to be calculable but according to this show everything is a math equation. Hmmmm… i like it anyway.

2.House: I love house. He is such an arrogant, pompous, annoying jerk and yet he is still a hero. A hero we would love to hate but he is still a brilliant surgeon and you cant help to love how hard he tries and succeeds.

3.Law and Order: I know i know…its pretty dumb to like law and order, but if you ever lived in New York you would realize that law and order is a wealth of information in a sense. You end up knowing where not to go and what stuff means… I know thats vague but hey.

4.CSI: I liked CSI but i don’t really watch it anymore… it gets old after you watch all episodes of all three of them and then watch the repeats…. No fun.

5.Nip Tuck: To be honest i have only watched a few episodes of this but the first time i watched it i couldn’t believe they would air something that racy on national television… Hey hey for free speech… and freedom the American dream.

6.All the Late night shows, the Jon stewart show, the view, the soup: i love these things i don’t know why but i do. Perhaps its that wit or that dumbness… i dont actually watch them that often though.

7.Yes dear, one on one, three and a half men, my wife and kids:Again the reason i have so many in one is because i hardly ever watch them so…

8. Wow was so hard pressed to fill this list. Apparently i don’t watch that much tv. Does basketball and football count? Maybe Aco or Mwangi do…?