Dida gets hired to the CDF board, unbeknownst to himself

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Mohammed Abduba Dida, former presidential candidate in the just passed elections, has been appointed chairman of the Constituency Development Fund Board. Dida was appointed to the board on the 9th of September 2013, but he wasn’t formally contacted about it. He saw it in the papers like every other Kenyan.

According to the daily nation, dated the 8th of January 2014, when Dida was contacted about this issue he said he wasn’t convinced this was actually true, he said he would have been more comfortable with his appointment and about speaking on it once he was formally contacted.

His appointment to the board is against procedure and many of the MPS involved are disgruntled seeing Dida as unfit for the post and his appointment a setback for the constituencies because the urgent decisions that need to be made about the already late disembursements of funds cannot be made until he settles in.

Dida was appointed to this post by the president, Uhuru Kenyatta himself, in the place of Mrs. Jennifer Nafula Barasa .However according to the CDF Act, the president doesn’t wield the power to hire into this position, only the Cabinet secretary for planning and devolution does.

The Didactic man, Dida, ran for office in the 2013 elections in Kenya, he is mostly remembered for his humorous accolades and jaw dropping questions which left many Kenyans and the other presidential candidates shocked.

Quotes Dida 2013

  • If your football team fails to score, you can’t just change their kit and expect to score.
  • Don’t eat too much Githeri, leave room for water and air.
  • 20 years ago teachers were very important but today every child has a lawyer
  • We don’t dwell on the weaknesses of each one of us…I am not asking you to vote for me, vote for the best.
  • We are exporting tea and coffee while importing condoms.
  • Dida on gay marriage: When a man is busy with another man, what will my daughter do?
  • “Kenyatta Avenue should be an open hawkers market from 8pm to 11pm at a fee of 20/= per night,” Dida during a COTU presidential debate.
  • We spend alot to seek treatment of cancer abroad yet the answer is in camel milk and urine
  • The immediate job creation is asking all politicians to pay 10,000 to have posters cleaned up after elections.,Dida reacting to questions on how he will create jobs.
  • Let us reduce diseases by eating healthy foods. Eat white meat instead of red meat.
  • If you want to be healthy, eat when you are hungry! – preventive medicine
  • Dida on abortion: I don’t like wrestling with God. If God wants life, let it be. God has a way of balancing life. Some are born, others die,during a debate by Christians.
  • Kenya has much potential. A university student told me Arts and Design alone can create 70,000 jobs
  • Unemployment fetsers from poor governance and corruption.
  • You know you wont win if you’re standing behind a weird podium
  • Uhuru is sure migingo is in kenya because he has the title deed

Go Rhino Charge! Go Top Gear! Go Green!


Let’s bring top gear to Kenya!

– Picture by Susan Wong.

Do you like top Gear? Are you a fan? Well Kenyan fans have come together and created a petition page that allows you to add your voice to petition Top Gear to come to Kenya for the widely acclaimed Rhino charge.


Rhino Charge is an annual event done out in the bush,  it’s an off-road sporting event featuring 4 by 4’s, sturdy rebuilt cars and organized by The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, it raises funds for the conservation of Kenya’s Aberdare Ecosystem.


This year the Rhino Charge ‘event’ will be held on the 1st of June 2012. However on the 1st of April 2012 there will also be another Rhino charge event in Swara Plains Conservancy, Lukenya.


The idea behind Rhino charge is to support the conservation of Eco Systems, and they are! Rhino ark trust announced its support for several ecosystems beginning with Mau, Mt. Eburu and Mt. Kenya.


For those of you who don’t know what it is, Top Gear is an insanely funny TV show on cars, Produced by the BBC, Top Gear tried to test cars to their limits proving or disproving critic’s consumers and manufacturers. It also addresses consumers concerns about cars explores accessories and breaks all sorts of boundaries. That is clearly evident when you watch it.


Top Gear’s reach is broad more than merely informative; it’s funny, thrilling, smart, and just plain entertaining enough to appeal to viewers of all persuasions. That’s due to a variety of factors. The three hosts (or “presenters,” as the Brits call them), James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson, are knowledgeable and witty and these guys get down and dirty… whether its driving through a tornado or in the Kalahari… these guys do it!


So if you haven’t watched top gear then go get season 15 and gear up for a funny informative show on your favorite things; cars and speed… then, after, come and sign the petition here!

Watch an episode of Top Gear Here!

Or you could email them directly top.gear@bbc.co.uk

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Gas Prices

I am so happy i don’t drive… gas is at $4.50 and going up. THAT IS CRAZY! the implications of this are far reaching… Crime rates will definitly go up people will start using the public transportation more, so that means more spending on the governments part to upgrade transport systems because people will begin to notice the discrepancies with the public transport system. Thats more tax payer dollars right there. I saw this clip on the news on truck drivers spending at least $1000 to fill tanks everyday and i was stunned! thats alot of money. It costs $600 to leave the truck in a parking lot and $1000 to keep it running. Hmmm choices choices…

Anyway i wanna be the guy who finds an alternative to Gas because that would make me the guy who rakes in the millions. Thats where the money is at, in alternative sources of energy.I don’t think the implications of the gas crisis has really dawned on people but i know i would be panicking and i wish i had the alternative…I heard somewhere that canada has huge crude oil reserves… I wonder why America hasnt taken advantage? Maybe i should move to Canada…or anywhere that has huge oil reserves lol

was just taking a minute out of my day to blog… lol ciao