self help books

So my mum is reading the secret apparently its a great book and it will change my life. It basically tells you what the ‘secret’ to life is and it gives you pointers on how positivitely will influence your day to day life and make an impact on your future. Then a friend of mine is reading ‘A new earth’ this book apparently explains why people are the way they are, and it helps you understand yourself in order to change, she is also reading or rather she has also read ‘why men love bitches, from doormat to dream girl’this book is actually quite interesting, it gives you insight into how men think and it helps you learn how to act in order to keep a man.

Here is my two cents on self help books, i think that if you are going to read a self help book you need to realize that its not set in stone, i mean the concepts might be great and all but you shouldn’t close your mind off to everything else… Take a little from it and move on but don’t try one self help book decide it doesn’t work for you and then jump to the next one and forget all about the last one. I don’t think life has a formula, if it did then there would be one large self help book/encyclopedia and not the thousands that are on Amazon right now. These days self help books are almost like a religion… i mean i called my mum to complain about my immigration issues and she said ‘Njeri dont say negative things, say positive things and positive things will come to you… you should read ‘the secret’ Now maybe its just me but that sounded alot like ‘Njeri you should read your bible… pray to God and everything will come to you’… A few months later the secret was long forgotten and my mother had shifted her focus to a new book, so you will have to excuse me for being wary of self help books but from watching people who read them they couldn’t possibly have all the answers.

I do think that there are some very well written self help books out there like my personal favorite for years has been ’48 rules of power’ by Robert Greene... In this book he gives you 48 rules and he details them and gives you real life instances of where successful entrepreneurs used these rules and made millions… perhaps i like this book because it describes how people rose from rags to riches and perhaps i like it because he talks about the Rockerfellers, Donald Trump and how they rose from nothing… Either way its an involving read. Another book i like, which i think encompasses all the rules of governance out there is ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, I would do this book a disservice if i tried to describe it…get it, read it! That is if you haven’t already..

I like Autobiographies but a friend of mine told me the other day that i have a particular kind of genre that i like reading and i assume everybody else does too… perhaps thats true in fact it probably is so i will give you some of the best books that i have read in this particular genre… ‘Sowing the mustard seed’ by Museveni…hmm thats weird this is the first book i haven’t been able to find on Amazon, i wonder why that is…‘Freedom at midnight’ by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins this is about how India and Pakistan got divided and how they achieved their independence, it sheds a lot of light on how the English influenced their colonies. ‘The long walk to Freedom’ by Nelson Mandela i think everyone has read this book, if you haven’t get it and read it. Thats all i can think of for right now but i will rack my brain trying to think of more books till then Adios!

PJ O’Rourke – “If government were a product, selling it would be illegal.”



Jungfrau is this book i was reading… Its a compilation of short stories for the Caine prize for African writing and its one of the best books i have read in a while. I would suggest that anyone who is inspired by great writing should read it… I love African writing… from the days of ‘Things fall apart’ by Chinua Achebe and the ‘ The river between’ by Ngugi wa Thiongo to things more recent such as ‘Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and ‘The infidel’ by Ayan Hirsi Ali which i have mentioned several times before, African writing inspires me. I remember when i was still in Kenya i liked talking about the intellectual societies in Africa [here is an instance] and i was always emphasizing on how well people spoke and wrote, of course back then i was very naive and i had no idea what i was talking about, but looking back its great works like these that made me think that an intellectual societies had to exist, after all with so many great minds in Africa there had to be some sort of outlet or channel through which they would get to express their ideas.

Now maybe its just me but doesn’t it seem like the best writing or perhaps the most outstanding books come from every where but America? I have always wondered about that… is it perhaps that school systems in third world countries are more rigorous than school systems here? Is it because we read more? Is it because our native languages have more expression so that challenges us to string words together more fluidly? Im sure alot of people will not agree with me, but to me it seems to me like this is true… Look at books like ‘Brother im dying’ by Edwidge Danticat from Cuba or ‘Kiffe Kiffe tomorrow’ by Faiza Guene from France… all these are exemplary examples of contemporary, well written books from elsewhere [not America]…but then again i am biased when you stay here for long enough you start looking for anything that reminds you of Africa…

I am seriously considering writing a book but i have no idea where to start so if you guys have any ideas let me know… Otherwise feel free to show me Examples of good writing from America, i am talking about fiction here of course but along the lines of the books mentioned above…I beg you to challenge me! Of course, if you have any other great reads that you would like to share let me know, Im always a sucker for a good read…