Peter Kenneth for president.

I have often argued that the Kenyan voting system has an inherent flaw. Kenyans don’t vote on what the candidate can do for them but rather on how flamboyant he is, or what tribe he is from, or how much he can pay them during his campaign. This doesn’t bode well for the Kenyans themselves because later there they are complaining about how little he has done for his country.


Peter Kenneth is an exception to this rule. Since he was elected in 2002 for member of parliament for Gatanga Constituency,  He has used all his CDF funds appropriately… in fact his constituency has been voted best CDF fund user for the years 2011/2012. Peter Kenneth is now running for president promising to bring change and development in certain sectors, namely, National security, food security and employment infrastructure, health care, education, tourism, slum upgrade, water, agriculture, diaspora, environment and manufacturing.Isn’t that what we are supposed to be focusing on? Aren’t we supposed to be looking at our political leaders critically, looking at how they have used funds in the past and deciding whether we want them to run our country?


According to the source credibility theory, the two elements most commonly identified are perceived expertise, and trustworthiness of the source. This research also indicates that the ability to internalize the message is influenced by the potential impact the message has upon the receiver. So shouldn’t that mean that we should be looking for a presidential candidate that has a past record of financial stability. Also shouldn’t we be focusing on what type of change and how much development he has already achieved for his constituents to then decide on whether he is viable for this seat?


On his website, Peter Kenneth reiterates his stance on the issues allowing people to debate the issues interactively. He enjoys feedback and was in fact one of the first Presidential candidates to allow for an interactive, debate filled website. He is taking initiative and allowing for transparency even before he’s been elected.


 It’s a lot of responsibility to be a president and I don’t feel that we as Kenyans take this seriously. If we did we wouldn’t even condone the thought of having people running that were indicted for crimes against humanity before the ICC. After all to indict them they had to have some proof. Are these the people we want in positions of power, where exactly are they going to take our country? Do we really want these Mafioso type gangsters controlling our money? Isn’t this a clear indication that they can get away Scott free with murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity.


 It could be said that Peter Kenneth can use this as an argument against Ruto and Uhuru but he hasn’t in fact, because of his moral standing, he has chosen to focus more on reminding Kenyans what he wants to do for Kenya. “Look at all of us and dismiss the noise makers. Let us look for a leader who will serve the entire country. So all I ever want is to work for you. That is all,” said Kenneth while on a campaign train in Tharaka Nithi. “I do not want to be anybody’s running mate. I want to work for Kenyans,” said Kenneth. His policies are far reaching and if implemented can help bring a lot of change in Kenya.


Kenyans however, aren’t rooting for Peter Kenneth. Despite the fact that he has proven himself responsible, trustworthy and a viable potential president they still have their doubts. Their doubts are unfounded however. I have heard things like, ‘he is too well spoken’, ‘too educated’, ‘too young’, nothing that carries weight making me wonder if what we want is a gangster president indicted for war crimes who also stole all our land and plundered all his constituents money but is Kikuyu and can speak Kikuyu… is that what defines a good leader.


I am convinced that Peter Kenneth is our future. He will help us deal with our issues while developing the private sector and dealing with our corrupt police force. He has also proved that he can allocate funds wisely so we can be guaranteed that our money will be well spent. Let’s start making educated choices. Let’s start with Peter Kenneth for President.


 This was written for an assignment at USIU



3 thoughts on “Peter Kenneth for president.

  1. Am I wrong or has all this hype just come up because of one speech? Before this speech (which I didn’t get to listen) people didn’t feel he was as responsible and qualified. Truly Kenyans are easily swayed.

  2. no… i didnt hear a speech, i looked at the numbers… the numbers make sense, he is the ideal candidate he has his mind in the right place… we should vote based on what a candidate can do and what he has done, but kenyans are anti eloquence and therefore Anti Peter Kenneth.. IM GOING TO BEGIN THE CHANGE… BY VOTING FOR HIM!

  3. Well, seeing the choices that Kenyans seem to make can be quite a disturbing ordeal. The statement, “we deserve the leaders we get” echoes this…………So when comments like “he is too well spoken” – actually means that we do not want leaders who present themselves eloquently. So when they say “he is too young” – what they are actually saying is that we want a grandpa for a leader (and don’t the statistics support this because the average age of Kenyan politicians is actually 62).

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