Back in Africa

I havent blogged for two months… im starting to think that if i dont write i might just forget how to spell! Anyway lets see… my last blog was on my first leg of the journey back to Kenya so im just going to summarise from that point…

I had issues with Emirates because of the long layover but they were very nice about it… they got me a hotel in Dubz and they also got me a visa so in the end it worked out for me… I got back to Nairobi just fine which was good… it took forever though. On the drive back from the airport i remember thinking how dusty Nairobi was, there was alot of traffic on Mombasa rd and i dont remember Nairobi being that small kinda reminded me of shags in stato then we got a puncture hehe which was hilarious.

The next few weeks were very frustrating, America had spoilt me. I couldnt find hot spots for one and even when i did the speeds were really slow. I tried looking for shortcuts for Internet and ended up spending more money than i would have if i hadnt. Electricity kept getting cut off and so the cold showers were really annoying. I started looking for a job but there seemed to be an invisible barrier that prevented me from getting one so i got really irritated by this.i got some mamas to wash my clothes and they stretched all of them out. I lent a few friends money and they took forever to pay me back some of them actually havent paid me back yet. i got derailed a few times went to the bar and then had totally unproductive days. People never showed up on time…all in all it was TIA… THIS IS AFRICA. Apart from all of this i was still trying to get settled so i was trying to talk to people and see where i could fit in. Kenya has changed… there seems to be more opportunity now as opposed to when i left but the things is people talk alot and dont deliver… so you end up going for meetings and thinking that you have achieved or learnt while in actuality you just wasted alot of time..

Either way even with all these little frustrations im glad to be home… I have peace of mind at least… Im still looking for a job and I will blog intricately about this later…


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