San Francisco Part 1

I wanted to go for the Gay parade this weekend and take pictures but i didn’t get to it so im sorry guys… This year’s parade would have been Particularly interesting because they legalized gay marriage in California…However here are some popular images from San Fran…

The courthouse…

This is one of the coldest cities in the world. Im not joking…. In the summer you still have to wear a jacket. But it is one of the most amazing cities i have been to. As i mentioned before i live in Oakland but Oakland is only a stone throw away from San Francisco. To be more precise; its a 15 minute drive. Here are some of the images that i will miss… I love this bridge… This is the bay bridge… It joins the East Bay [oakland and other places] With San francisco…

This is the Golden gate Bridge…

This is San Fran at night… it beautiful…


2 thoughts on “San Francisco Part 1

  1. SF looks so beautiful! That red bridge just brings back childhood memories of watching Full House. You remember it?

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