Oakland Part 1

Now its final, i am actually leaving the States and going back home. So i thought i would share some of the places i have been. I’m going to start with Oakland because i lived here for a year before i moved to New York and i am back here now. Thats actually quite the cliche. Oakland is 15 minutes east from San Francisco… Its a lovely town, spanning across 78 miles or so, Oakland is one of the oldest towns in the states. Its known for its particularly good weather, i beg to differ though because having come from Africa nothing beats our weather but Oakland seems to have a balance, its not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter as compared to other states. They have a little gentrification project, the mayor is trying to get more people to move to Oakland and since Oakland has one of the higher crime rates in the country, he has been trying to do this by tearing down bad neighborhoods and building condos in their place. I dont agree with that approach either, because now where do the poor people go?

The Zoo… The San Francisco zoo is better though but this one is nice too…

Jack London Square… This is in downtown Oakland… Absolutely lovely…
The skyline at night, i love that tribune building it light Oakland up…
The lake… we walk around this lake all winter trying to look really hot in the summer….
The movie theater… I know it looks old and it is, It dates back to 1926, its one of the oldest building in Oakland, Its very well preserved and the screens are fine. If you ever move to Oakland, these guys have $6 matinée movies on Sunday…

The lake again…

Thats the court house…Many buildings in Oakland date back to the 1900’s thats what gives it its charm….

I like this picture…I love the Oakland Skyline

This is a the beginning of a series… I’m going to do another post on San Francisco and then one with both… I intend to do a compilation of my favorite places from restaurants to stores to just …places…If you have any ideas or pictures please let me know… And if there is anything you think i could do to improve this blog just drop me a comment or an email…


3 thoughts on “Oakland Part 1

  1. Oakland looks beautiful. Maybe pictures with you and other folks in them would be the next step to give it a more personal touch.

  2. @mwangi im definitely going to do that…im scared of people knowing who i am… but i will.

    @mindhunter im going to take pics of the mlevi joints chill…Part 2 is coming soon…

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