Poor Iowa…

Its sad to see the stuff thats happening in Iowa i saw the images on CNN last night and i was absolutely amazed at how many buildings were underwater after such little time… The articles on it dont pay much attention to the devastation, and i think its a little deplorable that after such a huge disaster people still went ransacking houses and looting and so on. One would thing that something like this would bring people together. I saw another article that was talking about the financial implications of the flood. Iowa is know for corn and so grocery prices will probably go up, now with oil prices sky rocketing and corn prices going up its hard to tell where the world is headed. I was talking to a friend of min the other day and he was talking about how the world economy seems to be changing. I do believe that but i don’t think its possible to forecast what its changing into. In this day and age with the evolution of technology, the constantly changing climate, expanding economies and the adverse effects of globalisation such as rising gas prices and so on. Its hard to tell what is going to change to what. There are many variables and i think that if it were a puzzle it would probably have many missing pieces.

I had a chance to go visit New Orleans recently and i remember noticing how, as great as the city was, there seemed to be a cloud of sadness hanging over peoples heads. as i talked to the locals i couldn’t help but wonder what it must have been like before. New Orleans is still a great place at least the people are really nice so i can only imagine…. Iowa seems like Katrina revisited only i hope this time these people actually get to rebuild their city, i hope emergency relief actually kicks in.[I don’t know if anyone remembers the FEMA saga] All my sympathy goes out to these people may they find the courage to get them through these trying times.

Again i was only taking a second out of my day to vent.. Au Revoir!


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