The Jon Stewart show

This guy has me in fits every time i watch him… take a look… I love the wit… Tell me he isn’t hilarious.


2 thoughts on “The Jon Stewart show

  1. John Stewart. . . .wawawawawa that guy kills me wit the humour. . .makes me wish i had comedy central on this side of Hood!

  2. John Stewart never seizes to amaze me. I highly respect the comical news delivery styles of both Steven Colbert and John Stewart given that they attract a demographic that had long thought news to be dull and issues of the day to not pertain to them. This hybrid of a journalistic/standup routine is very informative and caters to all ages groups, the liberal left with John and the centrist right with Steve plus the jokes aide the few ADD challenged. By all means I’m not being critical of this approach to journalize. I just mean such shows attract a wider audience irrespective of educational level and/or socio-economic stance . I am the biggest fan

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