Gas Prices

I am so happy i don’t drive… gas is at $4.50 and going up. THAT IS CRAZY! the implications of this are far reaching… Crime rates will definitly go up people will start using the public transportation more, so that means more spending on the governments part to upgrade transport systems because people will begin to notice the discrepancies with the public transport system. Thats more tax payer dollars right there. I saw this clip on the news on truck drivers spending at least $1000 to fill tanks everyday and i was stunned! thats alot of money. It costs $600 to leave the truck in a parking lot and $1000 to keep it running. Hmmm choices choices…

Anyway i wanna be the guy who finds an alternative to Gas because that would make me the guy who rakes in the millions. Thats where the money is at, in alternative sources of energy.I don’t think the implications of the gas crisis has really dawned on people but i know i would be panicking and i wish i had the alternative…I heard somewhere that canada has huge crude oil reserves… I wonder why America hasnt taken advantage? Maybe i should move to Canada…or anywhere that has huge oil reserves lol

was just taking a minute out of my day to blog… lol ciao


2 thoughts on “Gas Prices

  1. I am losing my commenting virginity on this blog write now, so am pretty psyched to be here.
    Have you seen the Tesla Roadster? I think once they find an environmentally friendly way to produce hydrogen fuel, I understand BMW is doing that pretty well right now, we need more Tesla Roadster imitations and cheaper versions of that immaculate piece of roadwork.

  2. Lets not overlook the point at hand, we live in a Capitalistic society. What on earth justifies Exxon’s record profit of 11.7 billion (last year). Is it greed or is it simply taking advantage of peoples’ fear thus creating a false speculative market. So they say, based gas futures and hedges, that a burst oil pipeline in Nigeria or threats from Venezuela can sky rocket the price at the pump, really???
    Say the US produces 20M barrels yet we require 100M barrels a day, I believe instead of chasing a pipe dream banking on untested alternative fuels why not simply reduce fuel efficiency standards in current model vehicles. I have nothing against the whole green movement but for instance the switch to ethanol has had a domino effect that has devastated the food industry, battery technology for electric cars isn’t up to par yet. Why not test these technologies first but in the mean time lets go back to the 1989 Geo Metro fuel (53 city/ 58 hwy) efficiency kind of cars. Instead of todays 12 cly. Lamborghini Murcielago (8 city/ 13 hwy) type models.
    Some would argue that heavier models with higher body drags, and added safety features undoubtably contribute to the increase in MPG… It baffles me and all I say to them in that case, then consider me some leftist conspiracy theorist all while the Exxon CEOs laugh all the way to the bank

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