New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a commencement address
to University of Pennsylvania graduates, argued “For America,
the key to innovation boils down to one word. The key to
innovation is immigration. Our nation’s greatest historic
strength is that we’ve always welcomed the best and brightest
from every corner of the globe. And yet every year, Congress
shuts the door to hundreds of thousands of doctors, scientists,
engineers and artists from around the world who want to work
here. It’s the greatest case of national self-sabotage and
attempted suicide I can imagine. If our country’s future is going
to be as great as our past, we have to start realizing that
immigrants have always been – and always will be – one of our
greatest economic and cultural assets.”

hmmm thoughts?


3 thoughts on “immigration

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  2. I only skimmed this article, written in 2004, which suggests that because of GOP governing, USA has become less attractive to mobile immigrant talent. IF this is true, and Bloomberg’s comments are correct, that immigrants are the key to keeping America great, Than pehaps the problem isn’t congress’ immigration policy, but the entire political and economic climate its created in recent years.

    Its a old article though:

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