Injustices…. boring!!

Is it just me? or do other people get bored too with the injustices that afflict people all over the world? Like for instance when something is played over and over on the news i get tired of hearing it and talking about it. Not because its not important but because there is really nothing i can do and the frustration drives me crazy. For instance, this Sean Bell thing; now i know everyone thinks he is guilty and i know that the general consensus is that New York police are the most corrupt in the country but I’m tired of hearing it… ‘he is guilty!!’ OK if you say so what exactly do you want me to do about that? people spend millions starting radio stations like free speech radio and so on just to talk about it but they don’t really do anything about it… Or how the Kenyan cabinet keeps changing and how just as soon as you sigh with relief thinking the worst is over somebody strikes out…I’m tired of trying to explain that Kenyans are peaceful people because then i just look like an idiot.. Another thing that’s pretty annoying is how America is always looking to bully someone and when they cant do it they just move on to another underdog… first it was Korea, then it was Iran now its Syria?

Then there are the news items that you see and fill yourself in without reading them, a news title like ‘girl killed in new clashes in Gaza‘ makes you shake you’re head and move on…same story different day… That goes for Iraq too no one pays attention anymore and that is really sad.. I see America picking a fight with Iran and i think its unfair to American soldiers and to the rest of the world but again there isn’t anything i can do about it is there? People are starving out there because of rising food prices because of rising gas prices, it even has Kenyans siphoning fuel! its sad…but if all you’re going to do is talk about it why should i bother listening? I’m not doing anything either and if all we are going to do is talk about it and laugh then why should i participate?

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