Random vibes

I had a chance to travel quite a bit in the last few weeks there are alot of really beautiful places in America and I’m blessed to have been privy to them… I went to Boston which is, in my opinion, a college town but it was a road trip so i got to see all the colleges that i aspired to attend as a child, met a few Stanford grads and engaged in titillating conversations… Went for the Vuma concert and enjoyed Kenya’s finest artists… that was a lovely concert, the line up was great and the concept behind it was definitely worth it. Then i got to go to the country and that was HEAVENLY, the great outdoors always rejuvenates and revives me… the change of scenery and a chance to relax only add to the wholeness of the experience. Then i finally got to go to Atlanta… i have been curious about Atlanta since i got to the states, I have been to the ATL airport 5 or 6 times and yet i had never set foot outside it so i loved it… It did help that i met some very intelligent people and i got to appreciate very well mastered contemporary art as i fell in deeper in love all in one weekend… what more can one really ask for. i also got to go to see my friends in Maryland and St Patty’s in Jersey was the bomb.. I haven’t had a chance to read alot though and I’m beginning to find myself lacking in that area also i haven’t gone to the movies in the longest time… the little pleasures that complete me lol… i did come across some really interesting books…like Brother I’m Dying- by Edwidge Danticat. Its sensationally sad… i found a really nice Quote book too…”AGE DOESN’T MATTER UNLESS YOU’RE A CHEESE”: WISDOM FROM OUR ELDERS its by Katheryn and Ross Petras… Its has some pretty really quirky wise quotes as well. I’m reading the Google book too but that’s my train project…[as in i read it on the train]

I really did not realise how dependent i was on the Internet until i didn’t have it, and wow… no really i mean WOW!! its not easy living without it. I live my life on the Internet…if I’m not just checking my mail or facebooking, I’m looking for books online or reading the news…using the yellow pages or playing on you tube…looking for directions or shopping… checking out new places or reading about stuff that was mentioned in passing that i was too proud to admit i didn’t know… looking for jobs or getting info on how to do stuff…My motto in life is literally life is too short so Google it… i even fix my comp using Google lol i know I’m terribly inadequate without Internet so you can only imagine how irate i was when my comp crashed. This post is dedicated to all the days i lost and as i lovingly kiss my long lost love aka laptop, i vow that i shall never let him go again… He fulfils and completes me and he doesn’t care about how corny that sounds….

So as you can already imagine the last few weeks have been devoid of life, i did meet quite a few really interesting people and to some extent i got time to soul search and think about my life, this was all induced by my distressed state of mind because i didn’t have access to a comp wow…and again wow.. I even made promises to God…i said ‘if you give me my baby back i will cherish him and never let him out of my sight’ luckily for me i had a really good man helping me through these hard times constantly comforting me, reminding me that it wasn’t that bad, so perhaps i will admit that they are right when they say for every door that closes a window opens. OK anyway its late and i haven’t blogged for months i will continue tomorrow when i find an interesting topic until then….