Im looking around and all i see is a world destroying itself from within…Kenyans are killing each other because some politician decided to use tribalism to divide and rule… Iraq…where thousands of people have died because another clever politician thought it would help the economy of his country if he instigated a war. the Congo, where several generations have died because of a stone which some tycoon will put on his wife’s finger. the gulf where religious wars have plagued their nations and policians seem to think thats its ok to let the divide exist because it aids their cause. and then their is a problem thats similar although different in nature like india where the darker people are untouchables so society looks down upon them[thats an understatement] society goes on with life as if they dont exist…Chad where the rebels rule!!Somalia where in-clan fighting has caused years and years of dissention, destroyed the country and left it an empty hull void of anything but long gone memories of what once was and what could have been[ kenyans should learn from this by the way]

Global warming is now a reality and not a rumour from some scientists mouth, technology has overtaken us and is probably much more advanced than it is now, religion is not what it once was its now a corrupted and convoluted concoction thats used more for financial gain than for the believers… This list is endless my point is am i wrong to be disillusioned?

If there is anyone who knows of anyway i can help anywhere…I would appreciate a comment…


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